An LED Navigation LIght used on a light helicopter

Airborne Lights

was started to help define certain standards in aircraft lighting, especially for LED based aircraft lights. There are designs out there that are good but not reliable enough, and hence this site steps in to educate designers and manufacturers of LED lights on what is good and what is wrong in aircraft light design.

Airborne Lights is authored and maintained by an engineer who himself is a designer for aircraft lights. To get in touch with me, simply send in an email to:

SolidStateLights[at]gmail.com. Yes, its “Lights” with an “s”.

This blog is maintained for educational purposes only. The author of the blog is not biased against / toward any manufacturer of an airframe, avionic equipment, LED manufacturer, or any organisation or governmental body. The blog is neutral in its views and the views expressed herein are solely the views of a passionate designer.

The author is not liable for any damage arising out of the use of this material for any purposes whatsoever. The content on this blog may be freely copied so long as due credit is offered to the source of the content, which is, this blog.

About me:

I am an designer for aircraft LED lights. While most of my career has been with aircraft exterior lights, I do work on aircraft interior lights as well, though rarely.

My hobby of making lights for microlights turned into a full time profession wherein my team designs (and at times makes) lights for commercial airplanes with a seating capacity of 120+ passengers. Sorry, the details stop here.

Because big corporations (and yes, the corporation I work for) would have problems with an honest social service that involves technical content, I would prefer to withold my personal details till the time is right. However, I am still strong with my ethics : I do not, and will not disclose company information at any point of time. In this blog, I shall work only with publicly available material, and analyse the same through the eyes of an experienced, passionate designer.

Nothing gets me happier than presenting the right facts. In due course of the construction of this blog, every attempt shall be made at ensuring the technical correctness of the information contained herein. If however, due to oversight, some error does creep, or someone isn’t given his/her due credit, bring it to my attention, and the necessary corrections shall be made.

Thank you for dropping by. I live for lights. And flying. If I have en”lightened” you, my purpose is served.

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